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Check out these new WhatsApp features

WhatsApp has announced they’re making “voice messages even better”. According to the messaging platform, over seven billion voice messages are sent using the app on a daily basis. Since their launch in 2013, they've remained relatively untouched by Meta, but now the company has announced six brand new improvements that’ll make sending and receiving voice notes just that little bit more bearable and hopefully a lot less cringe-worthy. 

But just what has WhatsApp got up their sleeve? Well, my personal favourite is the out of chat playback. The one thing I hate about receiving voice notes is being tied to that chat for the next - if you’re lucky - two minutes. This new feature allows you to read and reply to other messages all while you listen to your friend’s work drama play on in the background. Cushty, right? You can also pause a voice message, leave the chat, come back to it, and WhatsApp will remember where you were!

There’s also the option to listen to voice messages at 1.5 times or 2 times speeds to listen to them faster. Perfect for if your contact is a bit of an 'umm'-er. 

WhatsApp has also added features to sending voice messages. These include being able to pause and resume recording so if you get interrupted or need to gather your thoughts, the person receiving the message won’t have to listen to a huge pause. 

You can now also listen to your voice messages before sending them out into the void, if you can stand listening to the sound of your own voice that is. 

Finally, is waveform visualisation. The voice message will now show a visual representation of the sound on the message to help you to follow the recording and know how far you are into your contact’s five minute voice note.

According to WhatsApp, “voice messages have made it quick and easy for people to have more expressive conversations” and the platform is “excited for users to try these new features as they roll out in the coming weeks”. I don’t know about you, but maybe these improvements will bring me around to actually wanting to send and receive voice messages.

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