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Businesses struggle to find marketers with digital skills

Digital proficiency is declining among marketers, leading to an “unmanageable” skills gap.

According to new research conducted by the CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing), “marketers’ abilities in key digital skills have either stagnated or declined between 2020 and 2021”.


But what does this mean? Well, as social media and martech platforms quickly innovate and upgrade, companies aren’t able to keep up with the changes - and they find themselves forced to outsource digital campaigns to agencies and consultancies. The CEO of Target Internet, Daniel Rowles said “organisations who have invested in individuals and allowed their skillset to flourish will stand out from the crowd and attract better talent in the long run”.

What do you think? Would it solve the problem if businesses invested in upskilling and training their teams, or has the pandemic created a long term effect of struggling to find marketers with up-to-date digital skills? 

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