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Meta announces clarity on changes to hate speech regulations

Last week, we reported that Meta would be allowing users of Facebook and Instagram in certain countries to post calls for violence against Russian soldiers and Vladimir Putin within the context of the war in Ukraine.

However, Meta has now clarified the new rules in posts, with the company’s president of global affairs, Nick Clegg stating that “calls for the death of a head of state” are not allowed. In an internal post, he also added that the new freedom of speech regulations should not be “interpreted as condoning violence against Russians in general”.

Clegg also stated that threats of violence against the Russian military would be banned in all countries, with the exception of Ukraine and only within the context of the Russian military’s invasion of the country. 

Previously, Reuters reported how calls for the death of Putin and Belarusian ally, Alexander Lukashenko would no longer be against hate speech regulations, unless threats contained other targets or had “two indicators of credibility, such as the location or method”. 

This comes as Russia banned Instagram on Monday after initially blocking Facebook on the 4th March, and made calls for its parent company Meta to be recognised as an extremist organisation.

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