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Netflix to crack down on password sharing

It’s the day we’ve all been dreading… Netflix has announced that they’re trialling features to stop password sharing. Yes, this means you’ll finally have to stop using your ex’s new partner's cousin’s account. It’s not the most well known fact that it is actually against Netflix’s terms of service to use the account of someone you don’t live in the same household as. 

The streaming service will begin by sending notices to account holders who have been sneakily sharing their password and ask them to pay fees for up to two other people to continue to, well, sponge off their account.  However users who do get kicked off the account they use will be able to create an account using their profile. But don’t worry, for now it’s only being trialled in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, but may be expanded to other countries in the future.

This comes as the company is looking to “invest in great new TV and films for…members”, as written by Chengyi Long, Netflix’s director of product innovation. But needs the funds from extra accounts to do so, especially as - post lockdowns - subscriber numbers have begun to stagnate. You may have also noticed that your overall bill to Netflix went up this year as the streaming service tries to find ways to fund its Netflix Original launches. 

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