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Teenager accused of leading cyber-crime gang

An Oxfordshire teenager has been accused of leading the cyber-crime gang, Lapsus$. The City of London police have arrested seven teenagers thought to be associated with the gang but haven’t confirmed whether the boy in question is one of these. Simply known online as 'White', he cannot be named for legal reasons but the police have said that the seven arrested were between 16 and 21 and were “in connection with an investigation into a hacking group”. They have all since been released while the investigation continues. 

It is thought that he has acquired a fortune of around £10.6 million from his hacking ventures while his family say they simply “thought he was playing games”. The police were given his name by rival hackers and researchers, after he apparently had a disagreement with fellow hackers, who then revealed his “name, address, and social media pictures”. 

He had also been followed by security researchers who had had his name since 2021 and described his hacking as being so skilled and so fast that they “initially thought the activity they were observing was automated”. In fact, many have thought that Lapsus$ were Russian state-sponsored hackers due to their ability to hack high profile targets - and then boast about it online. 'White', however, failed to fully cover his tracks, allowing cyber-security researchers to track him for around a year. 

Lapsus$, originally thought to be based in South America, has 47,000 subscribers on Telegram - a messaging app similar to Whatsapp - mainly due to its targeting of high-profile targets such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, Samsung, and Okta. The most recent post on their Telegram channel was last Wednesday and stated, “a few of our members has [sic] a vacation until 30/3/2022. We might be quiet for some times [sic] . Thanks for understand [sic] us - we will try to leak stuff ASAP". Whether this is in relation to the arrests made by the City of London police is unknown.

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