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Tesla employee fired for reviewing products on YouTube

John Bernal has a YouTube channel called AI Addict on which he shared a review of Tesla’s FSD (or Full-Self Driving) software. However, after posting a video showing the car hitting a bollard, he was told that he had broken Tesla policy and that his channel was a “conflict of interest”. He was later dismissed, though his notice of termination didn’t specify a reason. 

Bernal had also been spoken to previously in March last year when an earlier review video showed the Tesla’s FSD software nearly hitting pedestrians and cyclists. 

Tesla customers can pay to test the FSD software and are often harcore fans. In fact, around 60,000 are signed up to test the software on public roads, giving the company an insight into the effectiveness of the software as well as data on how to improve it. The company says it “relies on the common sense and good judgement of its employees to engage in responsible social media activity” within its social media policy.

Bernal has since had his access to Full Self Driving software revoked, but can borrow friends’ cars to test beta and says, “I still care about Tesla, vehicle safety, and finding and fixing bugs”.

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